* This event has been canceled due to the pandemic.
Recent events affecting Iranians have positioned many living in the Canadian and American pockets of the diaspora at a crossroads with their sense of identity, belonging, and their rights: What does it mean to be a citizen? From detainment, to denial of entry, to deportation: practices at the border follow a hidden agenda that continues to further marginalize an already criticized people, leaving them little to no access to exercise their rights at the border, wondering: What now?
 یا مسافر وحدک  is an ‘emergency’ community-based workshop led collaboratively by artists Shirin Fahimi and Mélika Hashemi that addresses themes of border-passing, surveillance, and self-censorship in a time of urgency that demands appropriate response and awareness. Through collective discourse and movement-based activities with prompts inspired by techniques in Theatre of the Oppressed (TO), this workshop seeks to validate the emotional responses that are suppressed by the recent political rhetoric. 
An excerpt from a ‘toolkit’ created collaboratively between the artists complements the workshop, sourcing grassroots advocacy tactics to disrupt the systemic flow and move beyond the ‘what now’ by rehearsing self-advocating rather than self-censoring practices performed at the border. In becoming aware of our rights; creating access and performing them, we can move towards subverting our damaged narratives, reclaiming our experiences and making visible the invisible practices at the border.
There will be a pop-up library made available onsite for reflective and collaborative reading.
The workshop will be followed by special edition of @partybuzzy, 💿 featuring tunes by Joyce دجویس @joycejouma supported by @abjadhowse ابجد هوّز 

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