Taklif : تکلیف is an imaginary space and a traveling library for radical imagination dedicated to learning, unlearning, and relearning practices through art and dialogue; an artist-run initiative formed with the ambition to rigorously bridge our intellectual activities with our emotional embodied intuitions, within and beyond institutional settings.
Taklif : تکلیف is homework — processes of learning, unlearning, and relearning within an imaginary space, in which our attempts to escape finally cease through our fugitive practices of togetherness.
Taklif : تکلیف is responsibility, as we study institutional and
organizational frameworks, rhetorics, and behaviours that perpetuate the marginalization and the subjugation of the marginalized.
Taklif : تکلیف is fate, where the entangled possibilities cross each other, in resisting the promises of belonging we heard
through our precarious passages of home-leaving.
Taklif : تکلیف believes our principles are only valid once we remember the unceded lands on which we dwell, study, read, write, and work.
Art, foremost, as a practice: Taklif.
For Taklif, art is neither the fabrication of a lie nor a quest for the truth; art can only happen with work. Not a professional work, but rather a home-work...a draft, as a draft.